• Development

    The Group possesses a full range of biopharmaceutical development and service capabilities, including cell line development and banking, media formulation development, process development, analytical method development and validation, and formulation development.

  • Biologics Manufacturing

    Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals provides biopharmaceutical companies around the globe with a wide range of GMP-based biologic manufacturing services.

  • Fill&Finish

    Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals is equipped with advanced filling facilities, such as Bosch’s filling line, Truking’s aseptic pre-fillable syringe filling line, and Tofflon’s lyophilizer, to provide filling services worldwide.

  • Cell Culture Media Manufacturing-JSBio

    As a leading serum-free cell culture media company in China, JSBiosciences boasts advanced manufacturing technology advantages. It has made countless successful footsteps in providing customers with supply and consigned processing of cell culture media products, as well as formulation development services.