1、Strictly follow EHS management procedures in the lab, take charge of cleaning and maintenance of facilities, equipment and environment within specified area

2、Responsible for development, validation of analytical methods, and develop analytical methods that meet requirements.

3、Responsible for analytical assay of protein-based drugs, including RP-UPLC/HPLC, SEC-UPLC, SDS-PAGE, etc.

4、Accurately and timely take records of experiment and equipment operation, etc.

5、Record experiment process and data according to requirements, sort experiment data in a scientifically rigorous manner, submit and archive data, write technical report and relevant documents required for regulatory approval.

6、Engage in routine training on lab management and operation

7、Prepare and revise documents, such as SOPs of new equipment for analytical platform, etc.


1、Bachelor degree or above, majored in pharmaceutical preparation, pharmacy, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, etc.

2、Proficiency in analytical operations of biomacromolecules, such as HPLC, qPCR, IEC, ELISA, CE-SDS, etc.

3、Experience in analysis of mAb or recombinant protein is preferred

4、Diligent and steadfast in work, detail-oriented and love lab work

5、Strong sense of teamwork, strict observation of professional ethics and confidentiality rules