Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.and Yiling Pharma reach cooperative agreement on innovative protein drug development and industrialization

On November 6, 2019, Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. and Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation agreement on an innovative protein drug development and industrialization. The signing ceremony was attended by Dr Jiandong Zhang, Head of the Biopharmaceutical Branch of Yiling Pharma, Dr Shun Luo, Chairman and President of Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals, Mr. Fei Wang, Deputy Director of the Organizational Department of the CPC Haimen Municipal Committee, Nantong, Jiangsu Province, and Mr. Yongwei Zhao, Member of the Organization Department of the CPC Haimen Municipal Committee, Mr. Fei Shen, Director of the Administrative Committee of Linjiang New District of Haimen, Dr Fei Xu, General Manager of Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals, and other representatives of the two companies.

In this project, Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals will provide Yiling Pharma with full-process technical services from gene sequence to drug marketing, including drug sequence screening, cell line development, culture media development, and a series of other research work and IND application in China and the US, as well as Phase II/III clinical sample preparation, process verification, and application before drug marketing. “Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals is committed to producing high-end biological medicines that are effective and affordable to common people all over the world.” Dr Shun Luo, President of Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals, said, “We gather global talents and technical resources across the globe to help partners improve their product quality and yield, and gain momentum for faster process of commercial manufacturing. Our integrated cost solutions, in which Chinese cell culture media products are included, will make customers' products extremely cost-competitive compared to like products." Dr Jiandong Zhang, Head of Yiling Biopharmaceutical Branch, has faith in the cooperation, "Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals is a strongly competitive player in China’s CDMO market. I believe the comprehensive strategic cooperation with Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals will help us expand to the field of innovative biopharmaceuticals from the traditional Chinese medicine industry, and make it easier for our industrialization of biopharmaceuticals!”