Win-win cooperation! JSBiosciences and Hengrui Pharma attend ceremony to sign strategic cooperation agreement

On May 8, 2020, Gansu JSBiosciences Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. ("Hengrui Pharma") signed in Shanghai a strategic cooperation agreement on cell culture media (CCM) technology, and reached a long-term strategic partnership. The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Lianshan Zhang (President of Global R&D at Hengrui Pharma), Dr. Xun Liu (Deputy GM, Hengrui Pharma), Ruijun Shi (Head of Process Development, Hengrui Pharma), Shun Luo (Chairman and President at JSBiosciences), Louis Cheung (VP R&D, JSBiosciences), and Appachu Kodira (VP Production and Quality, JSBiosciencess).


In this strategic cooperation, JSBiosciences, as Hengrui Pharma’s preferred media supplier, is bound to help the latter with the development and optimization of cell line development and other related processes in upstream cell culture in biopharmaceutical development, as well as CCM development, optimization and production, and to guarantee the long-term supply of customized culture media for Hengrui Pharma's clinical and post-market products.


The long-term strategic partnership between both is a strong alliance between a cell culture media supplier and a powerful Chinese antibody drug developer and manufacturer. Founded nearly 10 years ago, JSBiosciences is one of the few Chinese CCM suppliers with a comprehensive range of applications and has built a good reputation in the field of biologics. Hengrui Pharma, ranking among the upper echelon of the PD-1 field across China, boasts the most comprehensive layout of product lines, and the most outstanding sales capacity. The cooperation is one in which both shall win, and it will serve the common goal of benefiting the well-being of Chinese patients and providing them with affordable medical products.

On the signing ceremony, Dr. Lianshan Zhang, President of Global R&D at Hengrui Pharma, said: “On the one hand, we have reached a consensus with JSBiosciences on the common goal of helping address the drug accessibility issue for more people by continuous innovations. CCM is a very important ingredient in manufacturing of macromolecular drugs. Only by using good-quality and cost-effective CCM for “intelligent” manufacturing of drugs in China can it benefit patients and the society faster and better. On the other hand, in the current global economic context, Dr. Shun Luo leads a team of returnees to keep innovating and gaining independent innovation capabilities and technologies. We are therefore rather optimistic about their efforts and results achieved; moreover, the strategic partnership with JSBiosciences would facilitate candid communication between both sides, integration of resources, and mutual complementation on an equal footing, thus promoting more innovations."

Dr. Xun Liu, Deputy GM of Hengrui Pharma, said: “The cooperation with JSBiosciences is a new milestone and a new starting point for both. We will be able to make the most of each other's advantages and find a broad space for cooperation. We must make full use of the opportunity of the strategic cooperation to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

Dr. Shun Luo added: "The success of reaching this strategic partnership is also a testament to the strength of JSBiosciences' CCM products in the antibody drug field. We are very glad and appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with Hengrui Pharma, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in China. JSBiosciences shall definitely ensure its production capacity and quality, and provide Hengrui Pharma with high-quality dry powder media in a lasting and stable manner, and render full support to Hengrui Pharma in terms of upstream cell culture media affairs in biopharmaceutical development, so as to produce affordable drugs for patients around the world in a better and faster manner."