Advanced facilities - CDMO

With an excellent technical team and first-class equipment, Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. may satisfy the needs of different customers. Now we have a number of cGMP production lines, equipped with 50L, 200 L, 500L, and 2000L single-use bioreactors. For R & D and production enterprises of biological macromolecular drug at home and abroad, we may provide continuous production of clinical samples. Based on customer needs, we may also provide professional technology transfer services including clear procedures and professional reports.

Main facilities
  • Disposable bioreactors: 50 L, 200 L, 500 L, 2000 L GE/Thermo/Sartorius/JYSS.
  • Perfusion equipment: ATF4/ATF6/ATF10.
  • Chromatography system: 10mm~1 inch ÄKTA Process/Lisure.
  • Chromatographic column: 10cm~80cm GE/Lisure.
  • Filtration system: Millipore depth filtration system/nano-filtration system/ultrafiltration system.
  • Bosch vial filling line.
  • Tofflon lyophilizer.
  • Truking Technology pre-fillable syringe filling line.
  • Schneider SCADA system, for electronic lot recording and reporting.
  • AL-KO air conditioner (Germany).
  • Finn Aqua water system (Finland).

  • Small size bioreactor
  • JYSS Single-Use Bioreactor, Cytiva
  • Chromatography column, Cytiva 
  • Perfusion equipment: ATF4/ATF6/ATF10
  • AKTA avant
  • AKTA Process
  • GE  chromatography column 
  • Merck millipore
  • Bosch vial sub-packing line
  • Tofflon freeze dryer
  • Chutian prefilled syringe sub-packing line
  • Aoxing water system