About Us
Core Value
  • Be a World-class CMC organization,
  • Enabling our partners to provide accessible and
    affordable Biologics for Humanity.
  • Serve clients through innovation
  • Shun Luo

    President/ Chairman of Board of Directors

  • Louis Cheung

    VP Research & Development

  • Appachu Kodira

    Vice President of Production, JSBiosciences

  • Jinshu Qiu

    VP Properties and Pharmaceutical Science

  • Lan Yang

    Executive Director

  • Gaofeng Lin

    Executive Director - PR&D

  • Haifeng Hu

    CFO, Board Secretary

  • Qingtian Niu

    Director of New Technology Development


As a pioneer in the field of biopharmaceutical CMC, Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. keeps driving innovation by virtue of its complete, flexible, and modular manufacturing process platform, and has established close cooperation with prestigious domestic and international institutions. So far, it has served more than 100 customers at home and abroad.

Now Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is accelerating international cooperation. It has established agency or strategic partnerships across Asia, Europe and the United States on cell culture media formulation and process development services, and CDMO service cooperation platforms. Meanwhile, we are also making great efforts to develop more strategic partners.

Chairman message
10 years is so short for the universe, but is definitely a miracle for Thousand Oaks - from the establishment of the company to becoming a leader in the serum-free cell culture medium and macromolecular CDMO industry, by courtesy of trust from customers, support from society,and unremitting efforts made by all our staff members.

Since its establishment, Thousand Oaks has increased its staff strength from 30 to 500, completed a total of 1 billion yuan of financing, and provided thousands of media and CMC services for more than 100 customers at home and abroad. At present, Thousand Oaks has established technology development platforms for culture medium, cell line, upstream / downstream process, formulation, analysis, etc., and can carry out the production of culture medium, drug substance (DS), and drug product (DP) under cGMP conditions. It has an annual production capacity of 100,000 liters for DS and the world's largest annual production capacity of 1000 tons for dry powder culture medium. By integrating its advantages in cell line development, upstream / downstream process development, core raw material production and modular production technology, Thousand Oaks has formed an integrated cost control strategy which is unique in the industry, enabling customers to achieve the best cost efficiency of their product quality.

Since the 21st century, with rapid development of biopharmaceutical industry, the trend of division of labor based on specialization is irreversible and increasingly obvious. In an era when humanity keeps pursuing high-quality life and biopharmaceutical technologies gain continual progress, Thousand Oaks will continue to strengthen the expansion of capability and production capacity, serve customers better through continuous innovation, and push ahead with clinical and marketing progress for every innovative product quickly, so that they can benefit patients as soon as possible.

Thousand Oaks is committed to becoming the world's first-class provider of integrated solutions for large-scale production of biopharmaceuticals on a compliant basis (CMC). It fully understands life, reveres life, and always respects life. Together with its partners, Thousand Oaks provides patients around the world with more accessible and affordable high-quality drugs to safeguard human health.

Founder, Chairman and President of Thousand Oaks biopharmaceuticals

Founder, Chairman and President of Thousand Oaks biopharmaceuticals
  • Milestones of Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals
  • Milestones of JSBiosciences
  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2017
    In March

    Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. was officially founded in Haimen, Nantong.

    In May

    construction for a plant was initiated. In December of the same year, the first batch of products intended for clinical trials in the United States was manufactured with perfusion culture process.

  • 2019
    In January

    the company completed series A financing with 300 million RMB raised.

    In January

    a cooperation agreement on commercial production was reached with Suzhou Zelgen Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

    In January

    Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. helped a client successfully obtain IND approvals in both China and the United States.

    In January

    the company obtained the Drug Production License issued by Jiangsu Medical Products Administration.

    In October

    Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. was established in the USA.

    In November

    an agreement on innovative drug development and commercialization was reached with Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    From 2017 to 2019

    the company established strategic partnerships with BTI (Bioprocessing Technology Institute under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore), Haimen InnoStar Biotech Co., Ltd., and Beijing Biocytogen Co., Ltd.

  • 2020
    In July

    series B financing was completed with 450 million RMB raised.

    In July

    the company helped Chinese COVID-19 vaccine companies produce COVID-19 vaccines for export based on the large-volume perfusion technique, using Chinese raw materials, equipment and consumables.

    In 2020

    one product of our customer got IND approval in China

    In 2020

    2 projects of Clinical Phase III materials delivered

  • 2021
    In February

    Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals signed a Joint Venture agreement with WSG Group in Korea, to establish a bioprocess solution joint venture.

    In February

    the company established strategic partnerships with Henlius Biopharmaceuticals.

    In March

    series C financing was completed with more than 400 million RMB raised.


As a global biopharmaceutical group based in China, Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. has established production bases and R&D laboratories in Nantong, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Gansu and Los Angeles. Its subsidiaries include Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals (Nantong) Co., Ltd., Jianshun Biosciences (Nantong) Co., Ltd., Gansu Jianshun Biosciences Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jianshibai Biosciences Co., Ltd..

Join us, help tens of millions of people live a healthy and high-quality life.


2017年,罗博士创办澳斯康生物制药(南通)有限公司,专注于生物制药生产工艺技术开发(CDO)、中试及商业化规模合同生产服务(CMO)。2011年,罗博士通过海外高层次人才引进计划,回国创办健顺生物科技有限公司,致力于研发、生产和销售高质高效的个性化、无血清、及化学成分界定的细胞培养基产品,和提供配套技术支持。回国之前,罗博士先后在美国瑞士生物制药 (Serono)、原美国JRH Biosciences/SAFC Bio、原美国基因泰克 (Genentech)、美国安进(Amgen)等多家世界著名生物技术公司从事生物制药及培养基开发工作。[工作经验:时间从最近开始填写,对于重要工作经历,建议写出成就]罗博士曾在美国哈佛大学医学院 Dana-Farber 癌症研究所做博士后,拥有美国弗吉尼亚理工大学分子免疫学博士学位和美国沃勒冈州立大学硕士学位。